Jalalabad, Afghanistan
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Khalida Kashmeer We need your help!! In 2010, we were introduced to Khalida Kashmeer a bright, engaged 14-year old female from Jalalabad, Afghanistan (Nangarhar Province). She suffers from a confirmed diagnosis of neurofibromatosis-1. From infancy, numerous organizations pledged to help her, but no one actually followed through in any meaningful way. Therefore, the tumor has grown unchecked since infancy, causing her to lose sight in her left eye, hearing in her left ear and a severe abnormality that has stretched her skin so tightly it often bleeds.

In July 2013, Khalida arrived in the U.S. for medical treatment. During examinations in the U.S., another tumor very close to her brain stem (which controls breathing, heart rate, alertness, etc.) was found, requiring near immediate attention. On October 14th, Khalida underwent the surgery to remove this tumor at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego thanks to the generosity and coordination of Fresh Start Surgical Gifts located in Carlsbad, CA.

Her major surgery to remove the tumor on her face was postponed until later in 2014 due to complications from her surgery in October. Currently, it is anticipated that the surgery will happen in June or July. The surgery will be long and grueling and will involve no less than 5 surgeons. Unfortunately the costs of the first surgery were unexpected so we need to help raise funds to cover her second surgery. We are turning to you in the hopes that you can help us to raise a considerable sum, in a short period of time to offset some of these costs and to ensure Khalida's surgery the one she has dreamed about for years happens. Please donate, spread the word, and "like" her support page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/supportforkhalida

If you would like more information about Khalida, her planned medical treatment, and/or her journey to the U.S., please contact Kim Guevara-Harris at kharris@mozaiksolutions.com.

For more information about Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, please see the attached information and/or visit www.freshstart.org

Thank you for your help!

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